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The world’s first non-invasive moisture detectors.

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Tramex Meters are international leaders in the design and production of Moisture Meters, Scanners and Data Loggers, with a reputation for the highest standards in quality and innovation. Our heritage in innovation began with our foundation in 1974. Inspired by our experience and knowledge of building moisture inspection, and working closely one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities, we invented, patented and developed the first ever non-destructive moisture meters. Today Tramex continues to innovate, design and manufacture moisture meters for building inspection to the highest standards of precision and durability in a variety of industries such as Flooring, Walls & Roofing, Water Damage Restoration, Indoor Air Quality, as well as for material specific industries related to Wood and Concrete. We have the most advanced range of instruments for detecting, tracing and measuring moisture in the building envelope, and are market leaders in the many industries we serve.

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Tramex Concrete Moisture Meters provide Quantitative Readings.

Andrew Rynhart, Tramex CEO, explains how the Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter provides quantitative moisture content readings using Gravimetric Testing as a baseline.

How long does a concrete slab take to dry?
How long does a concrete slab take to dry?

For concrete and cementitious screeds to receive a floorcovering we know that the base must be suitably “dry enough”. This is to prevent damage to the flooring material and to ensure a proper bond with adhesives.

Are we paying enough attention to the procedure for F2170?
Are we paying enough attention to the procedure for F2170?

The F2170 procedure for RH testing of concrete floor slabs states that we should - Insert the hole liner to the bottom of the hole. Cap or seal the open end of the hole liner and any open gaps at the top of the liner per manufacturer’s instructions. Allow 24 hours to achieve moisture equilibrium within the hole before making relative humidity measurements.

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