Tramex Talks - John Hull - Dec Scanner and Commercial Roof Moisture Surveys

John Hull, the President of Gulf Infrared, LLC, talks about the Tramex Dec Scanner and the necessity of commercial roof moisture surveys. Currently, only approximately 32% of commercial roofs were torn off and replaced actually needed to be. So, two-thirds of the commercial roofs that were torn and thrown in landfills could have been candidates for repair, if proper moisture testing was implemented. This has huge environmental implications from unnecessary roof replacements, and some states have begun to look at and implement mandatory roof moisture testing.

Tramex Dec Scanner - Moisture Detection for Flat Roofing Systems - Introduction

The Tramex Dec Scanner is the Original Non-Destructive Moisture Scanner for Flat and Built-up Roofing systems. Portable and easily transportable in a rugged flight case, the Dec Scanner provides instant and continuous readings with adjustable sensitivity for a variety of flat roof makeups, allowing you to locate and map moisture issues as you go. Complying with ASTM D7954 regulations and usable during normal daylight hours, without any regulatory restrictions or operating license requirements, the Dec Scanner can effectively scan up to 100,000 square feet in a normal working day. The Dec Scanner is endorsed by roofing professionals worldwide, saving millions in insurance claims annually. The Dec Scanner also comes as part of the Roofing Master Kit, providing all the tools necessary to perform a complete Roofing Survey.

Why ASTM F2170 isn't enough.

Andrew Rynhart, the Tramex CEO, discusses how the ASTM F2170 test only measures the vapor in concrete (RH) and explains the importance of also measuring concrete moisture content (%MC) with quantitative non-destructive tests and identifying dew point issues.

The Tramex Meters App

The Tramex Meters App enables you to better visualise live readings and report data from all your Tramex Bluetooth devices.

It is compatible with the Tramex 5-series moisture meters: 

  • Moisture Encounter - ME5
  • Concrete Moisture Encounter - CME5 
  • Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 - CMEX5

and Tramex Feedback DataLoggers :

  • Feedback Datalogger DL-RHTA
  • Feedback Datalogger DL-RHTX

(Note: For logging with the Feedback Datalogger use the Tramex Feedback Datalogger App. The Tramex Meters App will soon be updated to include the logging feature.)


The Tramex Meters App is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play for phone and tablet devices. 


The New Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 - CMEX5

The Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 (CMEX5) is a non-destructive digital multi moisture meter for concrete floors and slabs providing instant and precise quantitative measurement of moisture content using Gravimetric testing as a baseline. The CMEX5 also provides Carbide Method equivalent readings for concrete and other cementitious substrates as well as comparative readings as per ASTM F2659. Bluetooth connection is available to the accompanying IOS & Android App allowing for continual development and integration of apps and reporting. Incorporating plug-in ports for the optional Hygro-i2® relative humidity probe testing per ASTM F2170 and heavy-duty pin-type wood probes, this moisture meter transforms into the ideal all-in-one instrument for the flooring professional.

Tramex Concrete Moisture Meters provide Quantitative Readings.

Andrew Rynhart, Tramex CEO, explains how the Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter provides quantitative moisture content readings using Gravimetric Testing as a baseline.