Review of the Tramex Professional Pin-Type Moisture Meter PTM 2.0.

Review of the Tramex Professional Pin-Type Moisture Meter PTM 2.0.

Those of you who know me know I love a good gadget: a slick kitchen utensil, the newest most bad-ass mobile phone, one-of-a-kind tools - the list (and cost) is endless. Well, today I'm offering my praise for a recently introduced-to-market wood moisture meter. The Tramex Professional Pin-Type Moisture Meter PTM 2.0. I own a number of meters, pin-type and impedance style and the most challenging part of using any meter is gathering the data collected into some type of useable format that I can handle once, at the job, and never have to worry about again. I've found the solution to that challenge. By means of a nifty screen arrangement, the PTM 2.0 meter will show a statistical summary of all readings taken, showing 10 readings per page and up to 100 readings total. The statistical summary shows maximum and minimum readings, average of all readings as well as standard deviation. Here's a photo of the statistics screen:


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And that's the beauty of this great way of presenting collected data. At the end of my data collection, I pull up the statistics screen, pull out my camera, snap a photo (just like the above photo) and there you are, the data, memorialized with a photo and ready to be placed into the permanent job file! No dragging the meter in with me at the end of the day so I can hook it up to my computer and download the information. No having to write down each and every reading as it's taken, or worse yet, not having to photograph each and every reading as it's taken. The simplicity of the statistics screen alone makes the meter worth it's already reasonable price. And once I've photographed the screen, I just clear the memory and I'm ready for my next project. Ingenious!

The PTM 2.0 meter includes a 2-point self-calibration feature that makes traveling with a calibration reference a thing of the past. The meter has a beautiful color LCD display screen that is clear as can be. The meter also has a Hold function, like that found on the CMEX-2 and the CME4 meters that freeze a screen reading, especially convenient when reading locations that are hard to get to. The meter is a simple rectangular shape with an aluminum body. It has a large LCD display that is much larger than other meters (1.75 inches wide, 2.25 inches tall, 2.75 inches diagonal).Take a look at this great screen:


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In all other aspects, the meter works much like other pin-type meters. The meter comes pre- programmed with 500 different species calibration checks and like all professional meters, there is a temperature correction adjustment. The PTM 2.0 is flexible, providing readings of wood moisture content (WMC), wood moisture equivalent (WME) as a reference reading, and drywall. The meter has a slew of available accessories, including a handheld cable probe and a hammer probe. Try it out, you will not be disappointed.

Roland A Vierra

Flooring Forensics, Inc.