TRAMEX Humidity Meters are Suitable for Every Industry

TRAMEX Humidity Meters are Suitable for Every Industry

Whether your industry is construction, restoration, facilities management, or you are a flooring installer, a building inspector, in termite control or maintenance, you appreciate accurate and reliable tools. You rely on them because they help assure your project runs smoothly and provides your customers with confidence in your work.

TRAMEX meters are designed to operate in virtually any condition and climate measuring relative humidity (RH), temperature, dew-point temperature, and or helping you to determine if structure materials have reached equilibrium. TRAMEX has meters that can measure moisture levels in:
•    Flooring 
•    Walls  
•    Ceilings
•    Wood furniture, cabinetry, doors, windows, and trim 
•    Concrete
•    Living spaces
•    Basements and crawl spaces
•    Various industrial and mill applications 

An Ideal Humidity Meter for Many Applications
While you can choose from a number of different TRAMEX meters, in particular, the MRH III moisture and humidity meter offers the options of working in a non-destructive moisture measurement mode. That means you can use it with or without the plug-in probes. The TRAMEX MRH III is ideal for water damage restoration, flooring inspection/installation, indoor air quality, home inspection, and pest control applications.

A digital, non-invasive moisture meter, the TRAMEX MRH III calibration options deliver accurate moisture measurements from a variety of building materials. It provides deep signal penetration more than one inch inside the material tested without damaging the surface. The meter features external rubber electrodes, which make direct contact with what is being tested. This innovation allows for most high-grade sensitivity on the market and repeatability of testing without damage. 

When more in-depth readings are required, there is an optional plug-in probe for wood, which delivers a wide range of measurements for wood from five percent to 30 percent and from zero to 100 comparative for all other materials. The TRAMEX Hygro-i relative humidity probe can also be used with the unit to test for relative humidity, temperature, dew point, and mixing ratio.

TRAMEX Means Trouble-free Meters
TRAMEX moisture measurement devices are routinely used to check humidity levels in every industry. You can count on TRAMEX as a brand because we understand that moisture content can be the difference between perfection and a disaster on the job. Headquartered in County Wicklow, Ireland, we also have a U.S. location in Orlando, Florida.